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Our Core Values

  • Reliability• We strive to ptovide services no matter what
    • We work hard to be on time
    • Service is available when desired
    • We aim to meet all customers' expectations
  • Safety• We adhere to standards of health and safety
    • We promise to be in a state of not being dangerous of harmful
  • Integrity•We keep the promises we keep
    •We take responsibility for our actions
    •We communicate in an open, genuine manner
  • Customer centric• We look after the passengers and thier satisfaction
    • We collaborateto ensure improvement services
    • We caring and kind towards others
  • Respect• We treat people with courtesy, politeness and kindness
    • We never insult people, namecall, disparage or put down people
    • We treat people the same no matter their race, religion, gender, size, age, or country of origin

Who are we?

Litsamaiso is a Propriety Limited Company established to provide a safe and reliable Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit(BRT) service on dedicated routes and schedules as determined by the City of Johannesburg on a 12-years contract.


The company is wholly owned by public transport operators who previously provided services on the current BRT routes – namely the Minibus Taxi Industry and Putco. Its main operations start from Soweto.

  • ›The company has entered into 12 year contract (BOCA) with the COJ to operate bus services 
  • ›The shareholding of the company is composed of former individual taxi operators and PUTCO
  • Majority shares are held by the individual taxi operators at 74.26% with the balance belonging to PUTCO
  • ›The taxi operators have organised themselves into Investment companies  (TOICS)

Our Shareholders

Our shareholders who predominantly are considered ‘the competition’ to each other’s businesses, decided to come together and put their differences aside in order to create Litsamaiso the bus operating company.

We have shareholders that come from different backgrounds and are considered “previously disadvantaged”. These are people from the taxi industry and the bus industry in South Africa.

Through coming together under this one company, the shareholders have an aim of creating the largest most efficient and effective bus operating company.

  • Kgemadinako13% Ownership / 54 Issued shares
  • Safeway9% Ownership / 40 Issued shares
  • BaraMeadow6% Ownership / 26 Issued shares
  • Phefeni-Wescol14% Ownership / 59 Issued shares
  • DORLJOTA12% Ownership / 51 Issued shares
  • JBNR17% Ownership / 72 Issued shares
  • Zosulwa - Inyembezi 2% Ownership / 10 Issued shares
  • PUTCO26% Ownership / 112 Issued shares

Our Mission

To be the most credible, efficient and dependable transport provider - we supply services for all:
  • Reliably
  • Safely
  • Rapidly

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